Leaders in Action for Justice

Keri Kline

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I have been outspoken on the injustice low wage workers face each day. Speaking out and pointing to the fact it is not just a 'McD' or 'Walmart' low wage campaign more people have become waking up to the problem and the impacts due to low wage jobs also have in their communities. I have not had a conversation that I cannot get the message understood and the importance of why $15 an hour and a Union matters.

Developing my new Steward, her family/children didn't understand the fight, in denial, and didn't understand the reason why we do what we do. We easily unpacked the importance of our fight. By the time we went to Berkeley in 2015, not only did my Steward bring people to the action, her children came with us as well. Today, they are the new generation carrying a strong message and they take a strong stand in solidarity with the FF$15.

I continue to be a strong voice on a daily basis, and on Social Media as well. Having 1-1 conversations with others and discussing low wage jobs, the private sector, Corporate welfare, and the fact that 6,000 employees with the State of California earn less than $15 an hour that when wages increase it will have a positive impact for all low wage workers, their families and in our communities.

I believe.......and we are!!!