Leaders in Action for Justice

Erik Larsen

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"Best mentor and coach". Since IGNITE I've taken what I learned to develop leaders through coaching and mentoring. The check-ins monthly and sometimes weekly is key. And I find that taking a relational approach works best.

One if my proudest movements was leading the coastal community of leaders. It was a team effort to keep 20-30 leaders meeting quarterly. We created a learning environment that support their growth. And participants became trainers themselves.

The year ahead is multi layered. Best trump, contract campaign, FSF payer sign ups, and more. To accomplish it all requires me to dig deeper to develop more leaders who will take on the responsibilities of leading. I need to work smarter and use the organizing tools more effectively. And I need to be strategic in targeting the next wave of leaders I need to spend time with. Lastly, I want to gain experience leading a campaign. Perhaps taking on a key role in election work. I want to gain skills that would move me from a senior organizer to manager.