Leaders in Action for Justice

Gwen Phillips

  • 73
  • Property Services
If there were a leadership yearbook, what would your yearbook superlative be and why?

It would consist of questions and concerns of our union members followed by the answers to those questions and concerns. Because people don’t care how much you know until they know about how much you care.

What is one of your proudest leadership moments during the past year and why? Feel free to share more than one.

One of my proudest leadership moments is when I was able to sign-up 13 out of 15 co-workers with sign pledge cards within a two week period.

Looking ahead to this year, what do you want to be the next step in your development as a leader? How will that step help our movement for economic and racial justice?

I believe all leaders should lead by example. Leaders must have the ability to completely understand the issues facing our union economically to be able to offer a reasonable decision. When dealing with racial justice, just remember that this system is broken.