Leaders in Action for Justice

Elissa Underwood

  • United Healthcare Workers West
  • Healthcare
What has been your political yearbook superlative be and why? It should represent the way you used your leadership in the election. For example, “Canvass Queen” or “Victorious Volunteer Mobilizer?”

Momma Bear

What has been your proudest moment during this election?

People who have signed up out of a certain obligation, but then they get so inspired that they sign up for another shift on their own.

Share a story about someone who you activated in the election this year.

Calvin Skinner and Robert Miranda from SEIU-UHW. They really know their stuff. They know how to really prepare for the work at hand. And I owe it to them my newfound love for political work. They really know how to coach and train, and I’m honing in on that. They stepped up when I needed the training and then stepped back to allow me to practice my leadership skills.

What has been the biggest challenge you had during this election and how did you overcome it?

Public Speaking! We have to train the phone banking volunteers who come in, and I was so scared of it. I’m doing it through awesome training and practice, so I’m feeling much more confident.