Leaders in Action for Justice

Ruby Olivas

  • United Healthcare Workers West
  • Healthcare
What has been your political yearbook superlative be and why? It should represent the way you used your leadership in the election. For example, “Canvass Queen” or “Victorious Volunteer Mobilizer?”

Top-Notch Trainer

What has been your proudest moment during this election?

After my first shift as a phone bank leader, when I realized I have what it takes to do this work. I’m a very self-critical person and had some doubts coming into this experience. After the first shift, I still had improvements to do, but I knew I could be a strong phone bank leader.

Share a story about someone who you activated in the election this year.

One of my stewards named Tae only wanted to come out for one phone bank. But I told him that wasn’t enough–that this election is too important and that we need him to come out again. And he did–even though he said he wouldn’t, he ended up doing a second phone bank!

What has been the biggest challenge you had during this election and how did you overcome it?

I tend to be self-critical, so I questioned my ability to lead a phone bank. I overcame that by focusing on our success and also taking my own self-criticism and the constructive criticism of others (like the political staff) and using that to improve.