Leaders in Action for Justice

Mary Rosario

  • 32bj
  • Property Services
If there were a leadership yearbook, what would your yearbook superlative be and why?

after Ignite I continue being a Co facilitator and training others with the skills that I learn from Ignite.

What is one of your proudest leadership moments during the past year and why? Feel free to share more than one.

one of my proudest moments is activating new members and coworkers that was never active and building leaders with issues that really moves them and being a part of Social Justice Leadership Academy as a member Co Facilitator is a great opportunity to do it.

Looking ahead to this year, what do you want to be the next step in your development as a leader? How will that step help our movement for economic and racial justice?

keep looking to the future to learn new skill to send a message about economic and more important racial justice cause the fight is not over it don’t stop with the approval of the 15 as a min wage but also we need a union,that the color don’t define what we are but who we are and where we going and when that happens we will have a just society.

Anything else you would like to add?

I hope that we have another Ignite love the experience and the members from all the local truly miss you all