Leaders in Action for Justice

Michele Burk

  • 1199WKO
  • Healthcare
If there were a leadership yearbook, what would your yearbook superlative be and why?

All projects I decide to complete are superlative in my opinion. At least that is what I strive for. At the present time I have not thought about creating a leadership yearbook. I do know however that it would be something fluid and ever improving.

What is one of your proudest leadership moments during the past year and why? Feel free to share more than one.

I would say being part of the team that worked in the Cleveland area to obtain about 300 new membership cards from fair share members. We accomplished this in one week.

Looking ahead to this year, what do you want to be the next step in your development as a leader? How will that step help our movement for economic and racial justice?

I would like to research other union activities that do work and try in incorporate those tactics locally. I believe that apathy is rampant within the union membership. Convincing members that we are the power but we must all play a part and not wait for someone else to do things.

Anything else you would like to add?

I am fortunate to be part of SEIU 1199 and SEIU International. Through the leadership of Mary Kay Henry and locally Becky Williams our union values are evident by our actions. I believe we make a HUGE difference in the lives of working people. I look forward to participating in more events.