Leaders in Action for Justice

LeRoy Candler II

  • 1000
  • Public Division

Standing in the gap with my brothers and fighting for a living wage.

To bring people from church and other churches and Pastor to come together and speak at rally's. To getting the community to understand that we have power together and only why we have to make change is that all us. Must support low income folks. By bring up the lower level jobs, we call will benefit.

Searching out and finding new talent for leadership. Teaching and mentoring, finding jobs training and apprenticeship programs. This will help our members, families and the communities we live in

My leadership in Local 1000, Mrs Yvonne Walker has challenge me and others like myself to be apart of the solutions that are needed to bring middle class jobs training in education to our communities . Because of her leadership we now have found a nonprofit and has teamed up with Pastors of various Churches, Community Organizations and Community Colleges to train people of color for these new jobs along the 99 corridor. We have Mentors, Case Managers to help people prepare for GED's and practice tests for the Building Trades Apprenticeship Program. We've received our first grant, graduated eleven students for our first class. In the process of planning our second and third coharts.