Leaders in Action for Justice

Lenny Rizzuto

  • 1000
  • Public Division

Most likely to sign up new members and cope contributors. Since ignite SEIU local 1000 has given me and a few co-workers the opportunity to really focus on what we learned at ignite and develop training and perfect the membership ask not only for staff but also for our meme rd leaders.

My proudest leadership moment for me is being part of a team that developed a leadership program specific for member leaders to develop the skill set so strong so when they go back to the worksite they are strong organizers to insistitue change. As well as have a strong grasp on a RAP and how to call a direct question that can not be refused.

My next step as a leader is to continue on the path to develop others to have a skill that allow our organization to grow in a positive way. This will help our goal of reaching economic and racial justice by putting our leaders and community members at the for front of hot issues to tackle them head on. This is allow for a broader sense of community and a growth in our communities with ownership from community members!