Leaders in Action for Justice

Dora Alvarez

  • United Healthcare Workers West
  • Healthcare
What is one of your proudest leadership moments during the past year and why? Feel free to share more than one.

She said that SEIU-UHW has given her an opportunity to grow as a leader and learn about herself through different opportunities. She met other healthcare workers like her who yearn to be respected and have better wages and job security. When she met and listened to their stories she realized how much they needed to talk to talk to other stewards and leaders and vice versa. She also realized how they needed to be part of UHW. She remembered when the leaders had the opportunity to go with her to Coalinga. She asked these leaders, “Who is going to help them?” She told them that these folks do the same work and they need our help. When they came back they shared their experiences with other leaders and had a greater appreciation for their contract. She’s grateful that UHW has given her opportunities that allow her to discover talents she didn’t know she had.